Cardiac Physical Therapy

Sometimes called, PHASE II Cardiac Rehab, Cardiac Physical Therapy at KPTRS focuses on getting you back to your normal activities safely, efficiently, and effectively. You’ll work directly with a Physical Therapist, who will monitor your heart rhythm and vital signs throughout each session, insuring your exercise intensity remains in the safe ranges established by your physician and surgeon. You will often progress more quickly in a setting like this compared to a more traditional Cardiac Rehab program, as your progress will not be based on the calendar, but instead your ability to do more activities. Be sure to contact Kewanee Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists today to learn more about how physical therapy can help you!

Educational components to the PHASE II Cardiac Rehab / Cardiac Physical Therapy Program include smoking cessation, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. For more information, Contact us at Kewanee, Galva & Wyoming, IL centers to schedule your appointment with us today.