Personal Training

Everyone desires to be healthier, stronger, and more active. This may sometimes feel difficult to accomplish, due to pain, injuries, or poor diets. Pain increases undesirable chemicals in your body that cause stress, creating a challenge when it comes to exercise. All of this also affects your endocrine system, which regulates your hormones and controls almost everything happening in your body. Fortunately, fitness training exercises can effectively ease your pain while simultaneously strengthening the affected part(s) of your body. Our highly trained Kewanee, Galva & Wyoming, IL physical therapists can create a personalized strength training program for your needs and goals. They have the right knowledge and the time to listen, evaluate, and guide you toward a pain-free, stronger, and healthier lifestyle. Request an appointment from Kewanee PT & Rehab Specialists today to learn more and start a new chapter on a healthier you!

How will fitness training benefit me?

There are approximately 642 skeletal muscles in the body. This means that your strength and flexibility play an important role in your health. Your muscles not only help you move, but they support your circulatory and breathing systems. A stronger and more flexible you means a healthier you. Relieving joint or muscle pain and guiding you on proper strength training exercises are integral parts of our specialized fitness training programs.

Fitness training helps in building muscle mass, and it can also be used as a final step in a rehabilitation treatment process. Therefore, fitness training doesn’t just have to be for people who are already in good shape – if you are recovering from an injury or underlying condition that is causing you pain, fitness training will help you get back to your optimum physical performance.

Get started on a fitness training plan today:

At Kewanee PT & Rehab Specialists, our fitness training programs will help you live the active and healthy lifestyle you want. Our physical therapists will design a treatment plan with the best exercises for effectively reaching your goals.

These exercises will be dependent upon which part(s) of your body are in need of training. This may include body weight exercises (such as squats, push-ups, or planks) or exercises using additional tools (such as barbells, resistance bands, exercise balls, or hand weights).

If you are interested in our fitness training programs, Contact Us Today at Kewanee, Galva & Wyoming, IL Centers to request an appointment today! We’ll get you on the right path toward reaching your health and fitness goals.