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Kewanee Physical Therapy in Kewanee, IL is located at 110 E 10th St.

It can be hard to take the first step towards recovery, and Kewanee Physical Therapy understands that. If you do not know what is causing your pain, it is easy to discount physical therapy as an option that can help you feel better. We want you to know that physical therapy is a healthy, natural way to find pain relief for your condition.

At our Kewanee physical therapy clinic, you will receive physical therapy that is tailored to your specific needs, taking into account your symptoms, medical history, and any health limitations. We use advanced diagnostic techniques and technology to identify which of our services will be most beneficial to you. Long-term pain prevention, healing, and injury avoidance result from our thorough exams.

Physical therapy may be the answer if you have trouble living the life you want. Our Kewanee physical therapists can help you live a healthy, pain-free life again. Let our Kewanee physical therapy clinic help you find the source of your pain once and for all!


Kewanee Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists

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M – F: 6:00 am – 5:30 pm

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Our physical therapists work with children to help them recover from serious injuries or overcome some of the complications of long-term disabilities.

physical therapy Galva IL


Kinesio tape is most frequently used by athletes for support and pain reduction—but it can also be extremely beneficial to those outside of the athletic world.

physical therapy Galva IL


Ultrasound can be used to treat chronic pain and improve the healing process by increasing blood flow, reducing swelling and reducing inflammation.

  • April Taylor PT, DPT

    April is a graduate of Blackhawk College with an Associates degree in Applied Science in 2001. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elective Studies followed with her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from St. Ambrose University in 2009. She has been an active member in the American Physical Therapy Association since 2005. April has been an active member of the…

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  • Ashley Egan MS, OTR/L

    Masters in Occupational Therapy Registered and Licensed Certified Lymphedema Therapist Ashley is a board certified Occupational Therapist who graduated with her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from St. Ambrose University in July of 2013. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Bradley University in 2009. Ashley has also achieved specialist certification as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist from the…

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  • Nic Interial DPT, PT, ATC

    Nic is a licensed physical therapist with clinical experience in the Orthopedic, Neurological, Skilled Nursing, and Acute settings. Nic is also a Certified Athletic Trainer with experience providing outreach athletic training coverage to Galva High School and Black Hawk College. Nic received...

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  • Jon DeBord PT, MS, ATC, SCS

    Jon DeBord PT, MS, ATC, SCS Physical Therapist Masters of Science in Athletic Training Certified Athletic Trainer Certified Clinical Specialists in Sports Physical Therapy Physical Therapist Jon is a 1996 cum laude graduate of Bradley University in Peoria, IL. After graduating with his BS in Physical Therapy, Jon worked in a variety of settings including inpatient acute care, outpatient rehabilitation,…

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physical therapy Galva IL

Finding Relief at our Kewanee Physical Therapy clinic

Kewanee Physical Therapy's top priority is to help you achieve your recovery, health, and fitness goals. We will work hard for you and provide a warm, friendly environment for you to heal safely at one of the most well-known (town) physical therapy clinics. We only succeed if we can help you succeed, and our physical therapists are here to get you back on track and return to the activities you enjoy. Seeing a physical therapist can help you to fully step into your true desired way of life. Physical therapy can help relieve pain and improve mobility. Your daily tasks and hobbies will be more enjoyable, and you can live a full life again. All you need to do is ask for help. It is your choice. You deserve to live your life the way you want, and Kewanee Physical Therapy clinic wants to help you do so!